About me

Hello and Welcome!

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From 9am to 5pm, I  work as a Senior Strategist in an advertising agency, specialised in Social Media marketing.

I am an experienced and forward-thinking strategist. My skill-set is a mix of media expertise and brand planning enabling me to put in place actionable strategies. I am a creative problem-solver and I strive to frame simple yet thorough strategies.

 I have worked in Global Media and Creative agencies and have helped advertsisers in Finance, Retail & FMCG industries to increase sales and visibility through social& digital marketing.

I  am and I have always been passionate about people. I enjoy meeting new people from different background, culture, countries and get to know their story.

I am also an entrepreneur and a self-starter. Outside of my 9 to 5 life, I also cultivate a passion for fashion, particularly personal branding. I have created, with my friend, The Modern Muses. A consultancy, where we work with artists and individuals to create their personal brand identity, through styling, fashion editorial, video production and social media promotion.

Take a look at a few key projects I have worked on and feel free to get in touch to find out more or just for a coffee, why not 🙂


Lauren B.