Social advertising for Independent Fashion brand

Aside of my 9-5 job, I also once in a while do a few freelance work with brands that I really like. Continent Clothing was one successful collaboration.

A couples of months ago, my friend offers me an amazing bomber jacket from Continent Clothing. Later, I have reached out to them and offer my skills to boost their visibility on social.

I met the owner, Lucas, to understand the brand, potential customers, their challenges etc…

Lucas was planning to launch a new collection and needed to boost sales and visibility on social.

What did I do?

I have made extensive research to understand their potential customers, created personas and I have identified how to identify and target them on Facebook. This allows me to really evaluate the size of the untapped audience = opportunity to grow!

I then mapped a consumer journey for our social customers which would enable Continent Clothing to gain visibility toward this audience and then encourage them to buy online!

The strategy is to create content customised for Men and Women, first hook them with a post that will tell them more about the brand  story and then encourage them to buy when there is a sale.

Website :


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